Love Celebration on the Jordan River

3 days and nights of connection, awareness and indulgence in the peaceful embrace of mother nature…



Our workshop facilitators will invite you into a new and awesome world of connection and awareness. We have the pleasure to host a variety of leading professionals that will share their journey ofpersonal growth through yoga, meditation, vocal healing, queer theory, sharing circles, improvisation, voguing, rebirthing and more.

Among the workshop leaders:

Shay Bakalash-Man, Sami Zibak, Noam Paz, Asis D’orange, Ido Ben Gal, Gal Steiner, Hagay Ben Gal and others…



A musical journey rooted in the origins of house music that began in the Latino and Black queer scenes in Chicago and New York in the eighties. Dance music filled with soul that will propel you from the dance floor to the other end of the rainbow



In many native cultures, queers were considered “two spirits”. Traditionally they were attributed with a special ability to connect the material world and the spirit world, and were groomed from an early age to becomes the tribe’s shamans, medicine people and spiritual leaders. Queer Magic Festival is a genuine opportunity to reconnect with your inner spiritual power. With the beating of the drums, we will celebrate around the sacred fire the dance of the elements and the circle of life!


What to bring?

Camping: There will be a camping area for tents, so bring personal sleeping equipment: tent, sleeping bag, mattress, flashlight and whatever else you need.


Food: Our chef's kitchen will serve two meals a day, and in the Chai Shop you will find hot and cold drinks, shakes, sandwiches, energy bars and more throughout the day. The food and drinks are sold seperatly of the entrance cover.
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