Meditation & Healing

Noam Paz

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Noam Paz is an interdisciplinary artist, yoga teacher and master of theta-healing. Noam has been dedicated to the spiritual path from childhood and grew up in the Yogic tradition. He provides treatments and acts as a guide, both in personal and community life processes, and facilitates courses and workshops in Israel and around the world.

The inner shaman - double soul

Many indigenous cultures with a different gender identity were considered "two spirits." Traditionally they have been attributed a special ability to connect the world of matter and the spiritual world, and they have been nurtured from childhood to be the shamans, medical people and spiritual leaders of the tribe. In the workshop we will explore our personal spiritual connection, our intuitive abilities and their connection to our unique life story. All this through meditation, guided imagery, and shamanic techniques.

Heart Song

An experiential workshop for getting acquainted with one of the powerful healing methods offered by the theta-healing method. How do you deal with difficult emotions? How can you transform them into creativity, joy, and increased intuitive abilities? The Heart Song is a vocal technique for releasing deep emotions of sadness, grief, anger and guilt, and turning them into vital energy. The heart song enables us to circumvent the limitations of the mind and the stories that hold us back, through listening, relaxation and submission to the natural healing ability of the body. Noam teaches this unique technique throughout the world in the course "The Body Sings," which he created together with his brother, Ron Paz.

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