Meditation & Healing

Yaniv Shalom Ashkenazy

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Works as a practitioner and teacher in the fields of Chinese medicine, touch and movement. He began his career as an energy therapist in healing methods. Reiki Master of Reidman College. Senior therapist in Chinese medicine and Shiatsu, as well as y.n.s.a - Japanese head acupuncture, on behalf of the Elima College of Complementary Medicine. The Shonishin Method - Japanese method for balancing meridians for children. He worked as a professor of Chinese medicine at the Elima College. He worked as a therapist in the Clalit Health Fund - complementary medicine, and was trained in the healing-dance course at Ilanit Tadmor's studio. He studied at the School of Dance Theater "Kol Atzmotai Tomarna" in Jerusalem. Participates in movement workshops and contact improvisation.


Elements Dance

A physical-mental journey of movement through the five elements. Five movements consisting of frequency, emotion, color, quality and sound. We will go through the phases of the earth, metal, water, wood and fire. The entire journey is accompanied by physical, mental and cognitive movement instructions. This is an invitation to give free and radical and authentic expression to our individual and collective essence in a safe, permitting, and non-judgmental space.

Improvisation - Motion - Touch

This workshop enables us to discover in a developing way the variety of creative expression possibilities of the body, to release pressures and blockages, and to enhance a sense of vitality and vision. In the framework of the workshop, we will experience personal work, which includes self-exploration, alongside work with a partner or group work, while using voice, movement and contact

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