Expression & Relationship

Michael Finkel

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 An aerial circus acrobat with vertical rope specialization, director, tango dancer and instructor, and producer of "Tel Aviv Tango," teaches "closer communication" and "erotic communication closer."  He creates and leads with Avishag the Artemple Tribe - a laboratory for intimacy, erotica and love, a researcher and teacher of conscious sexuality and communication in intimate relationships.


Sexuality and Shamanism 

Most centers of the brain are active when in a state of pleasure. Where will it take us when pleasure is used as medicine? In the space of love and eroticism, the body becomes a powerful spacecraft that burns serotonin dopamine and oxytocin. What is Shamanic space and how do you open up to the world of its mysteries?  Is there anyone in the stars who hears us? Are there parallel universes? What is the "fantasy" world, which for us is not "reality"? And what is the connection between self-empowerment, creating reality and sex? Introduction to the world of mysteries that connects sexuality and consciousness - sexual shamanism.


Temple of Love 1 + 1 + 1 - Michael Finkel and Avishag Zaluf

A workshop to explore eroticism, intimacy and love in a trio. A space that gently examines the flow of love in a human trio. Escaping the patterns of duality in couple dynamics into a wonderful new world of possibilities. The workshop combines touch and nudity of choice. An adventurous journey into the realm of romantic erotic human love in its unbridled ferocity. Led by Michael Finkel and Avishag Zloff.


The circle of consent

The circle of consent is a fundamental and powerful tool for communication in any area of contact, sexuality, and in any relationship. We will learn and practice different kinds of touch, the difference between giving and taking, and how to communicate our desires clearly. And thus open up to a whole world of conscious sexuality - one that allows - sacred - shamanic - fascinating.

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