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Radhika Gaya

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A Guide to Conscious Sexuality and Tantra. Guides women, men and couples in connection with the heart-body-mind, free love. Photographer.

Tantric breathing and energetic penetration

In the first part of the workshop we will learn Tantric-circular breathing in order to transform the sexual energy in the body, in the second part we will breathe together with a partner, and in the last part we will practice energetic penetration to different centers of the body. With clothes and even with no contact/touch.

Circle of Consent

In erotic interaction, it is clear who is touching who, what is less clear is for who this touch is. Betty Martin's Circle of Consent creates mapping and a clear conceptualization that allows for clarity, which creates safety, enabling intimacy that allows for take-off. It is a workshop of awakening to the invisible space of the erotic encounter. The Circle of Consent is the brilliant compass that takes us from the realm of guesswork, interpretation and ambiguity, to a space of erotic awareness and confidence, and hence to a whole world of conscious, sacred, shamanic sexuality.

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