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Teacher, coach and mentor in Tantra and Yoga. His work focuses on work on masculinity, sexual energy, strengthening male potency, and learning how to be a multi-orgasmic man. His method combines body work, breathing, elongation and strengthening along with arousal and transformation of sexual energy. The activity combines the principles of Tantra - ritualism, intimacy and the expression of Eros in all its variations.

Tantric Energetic Yoga for Men

Tantric Yoga is a powerful combination of two ancient doctrines that are actually connected to one another. A Tantric Yoga class combines bodywork, breathing, movement, energy and sexuality. Yoga strengthens, lengthens, and relaxes the body, and tantric allows us to learn how to move the sexual energy in the body, leading to control of energy and sexual insight. In constant practice you can learn to reach orgasmic and ecstatic places. Tantric yoga allows a man to connect to his masculinity and to learn to have sex without excessive ejaculation through self-control of the body, breathing, and urges, in a safe and intimate space where the body and the breathing are the tools to play with the powerful energy. The lesson in part is done partly alone and partly in pairs. Tantric practice also combines rituals in which we remove what is unnecessary and what does not serve us, and later we create an intimate space that comes from the deep-eyed gaze of those opposite to us, and later the couple work in the yoga poses is incorporated, which includes movement and dance while listening to what is happening around us.


Erotic Tantric Evening

In this experiential workshop we will embark on an experiential journey in which we will create an intimate and safe space for working with the erotic body, breathing and sexuality. We will meet ourselves through a meeting with the other. Get excited, dance, touch, and connect to a place of freedom, passion, Eros and love.

In an intimate space we will allow ourselves to peel back and remove barriers. Breathing and movement can lead us to a process of falling in love and connecting to our physical, emotional and sexual body. We can move a place and embrace it, dissolve into a process that gives us more freedom and Eros and we will learn how to give and receive touch and love.

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