11-14.10 | Jordan Park

Relax. Connect. Celebrate.

Leave the city and noise behind and join us on a magical journey. Discover your inner world and express your true colors in our secret clearing.

Rediscover nature

Let the earth and stars renew body and mind

Connect with others

Meet, laugh and love with other free souls

Celebrate yourself

Push your boundaries and dive into a sensual adventure

Let's play

Let the Spirit lift your worries and tension, and come dance with us under the heavens and stars. Here you can enjoy movement, touch and sexuality workshops, a holistic treatment area, Drag dome, a central stage with artist performances and nature rituals, and a central fire around which we can get to know and celebrate the end of summer together.

Queer Magic Festival invites you to a safe space of self-acceptance, gender flexibility and free expression of body and mind. A place where you can take a deep breath and surrender to the gentle spell of the forest spirit…