Queer Magic Festival

Bringing Hearts Together

Queer Magic was born out of a vision.

We dreamed of a place where we could be ourselves – put on the feathers, wear the glitter, draw us a mustache and put on our heels. We thought it was most natural to do it in nature.
After dreaming, it was time to do. Little by little, an entire festival was produced, entirely about volunteering and giving to the community.

This is the place to thank all the people of action over the years and all the people of action who volunteered to produce the upcoming Queer Magic. Some of them work hard every day, over time, diligently, with all they have in mind is the good of the queer community in Israel.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

Without you, all this magic could not have happened.

This is the fourth time we’ve come together for a celebration of queer empowerment that comes from the community and is produced for the community. We look forward to seeing you with us.

Queer Magic Production Team


Main production

From a young age, she has been an activist and a member of various queer communities. She currently works as a healthy sexuality educator in schools

Maayan Sabah

Main production

I'm queer on the trans spectrum, Pan, sex activist. My affinity for community is my belonging, feeling like I belong to fluid gender experiences.


Main production

The queer community for me is the second family, the one you choose.

Shai Baklash-Man (Pai)

Main production

In life, I am mainly a yoga teacher and teach (among other things) at the Tel Aviv Gay Center "Queer Yoga - Come as You Are". Queer Magic for me is like an enchanted bubble, in which a whole world of freedom, self-expression and queer brotherhood was created.

Yael Finkel

Workshops Content Management

Tommy Mona

Workshops Content Management

Part of the festival's workshop team. For me, the queer community is home - at home you can walk around in pajamas, walk naked, rest, be at a meeting and invite and dress whatever comes to hand. To give space and expression to all sides of me and also to be part of the politics that the definition of being queer will meet with others.


Partner in the vision and creation of the first Queer Magic Festival. At the upcoming festival, I will be part of the artistic team that will express the creative queer spirit in the space we create together, and I will lead workshops that deal with queer myths and our ancient role as holders of a space of medicine and connection to the spiritual world for all humanity.

Or Ben David

Safe Zone Supervisor

After years of community activism, and working as a therapist with and within the community. I decided to take responsibility in a space I believe in and love. In order for us to flourish, experiment, learn, and challenge ourselves, we need to feel safe. We will be there to hear you and support you so you can fly as far as you can 3>

Youval Cohen Tzedek

Website Design & Maintanance

Yes, this site you're reading this on now. On a daily basis, juggles website building, working with couples and facilitating workshops.


Graphic artist

An independent creator under the brand Quality of Creation for All, deals with a variety of creative fields - graphic design, video editing, literary editing, and more - with 25 years of experience. Natalie designs and performs for Queer Magic 2023, all the graphic packaging on social networks, in the spirit of the wonderful nature of the Jordan Park

Rotem Eden (Lakshmi)

Ceremonial Team and Alter Building

A witch facilitates healing and holds ceremonial spaces. This is the fourth year to take part in the creation of the festival. Responsible for the party lineup. She is a partner in the team of ceremonies, shamanic space and the construction of the alters.


Head of Marketing and Social Media

A video and social media creator, he has been participating in Queer Magic for 6 years and finds the chosen family in the community.

Nur Shani Tahan

Treatment Center Coordinator

Queerness for me is the ability to be who I am without apologizing, and from the first Queer Magic I felt that it was also a wonderful place that allowed me to be who I am along with many other amazing community members